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We’ve been keeping parrots since 2018, during which we’ve learned a lot about parrot care and continue to learn new things on a regular basis. In our experience with parrot communities, new parrot owners are frequently confused about how to care for their feathered pets. After all, parrots are exotic wild animals, unlike dogs and cats, which are domesticated and generally more familiar to humans. Learning the A-Z of parrot care requires time and effort. As a result, this website was created with the goal of putting all you need to know about parrots in one place!


Not An Expert!

In the end, we are learners like you, and wanted to come up with a way to share our experience with parrots. Everything you read on this site is to the best of our knowledge, derived either from research or from personal experience.

Our Parrot Gang


Loki (aka "Kiki")

Loki was my very first birdie friend! She is a peach-faced lovebird that I fell in love with the moment I set eyes on her at the pet shop. She came to our home in March 2018 and I had to struggle through learning as many bird care tips (including the dreaded chronic egg-laying!) as quickly as possible. She was the initial inspiration that led me to being more proactive in the parrot community, where I realised many newbies needed help learning about basic parrot care.


Freya (aka "Yaya")

Freya, an indian ringneck parakeet, came to me in March 2020, an injured and infected fledgling that my uncle’s friend needed help caring for. Freya eventually made a perfect recovery and has been living with me ever since. Through Freya I got to learn a bunch of care tips such as feeding medicine, taming, trick training, and dealing with behavioral challenges. Among the three birds, she is the largest in size, but will also be the largest bird I’ll ever keep!


Bjorn (aka "Bibi")

In June 2020, my neighbor came to me with a cinnamon conure perched on her shopping basket, and asked if I would be able to take care of him. He was clearly a lost pet and I took him in while searching for his owner. No one claimed him after several weeks, so I decided to keep him. He has a missing right foot and two unusable toes on the left foot. I learnt how to live with a handicapped bird, from adapting his cage for his lifestyle, all the way to being his preening buddy!

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