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Parrot Diet - The Basics

The Ultimate List - 250 Safe And Toxic Foods For Parrots

What can your parrot eat? What should you avoid feeding your parrot? Below is a list of 250 (and counting) items that you may be considering to feed your parrot, but are unsure of their safety. The table has a search bar for you to easily find the specific food you want to know about.

What this table CAN do:

  • Provide general information about various foods gathered through desk research from reliable sources
  • Provide a “to the best of our knowledge” indicator of the safety of the food item based on our assessment of its nutritional content

What this table CANNOT do:

  • Prescribe diets for specific species – different species of parrots have different needs, so you should always read up more about what your specific parrot species needs, and cross-check with various sources to formulate a diet suitable for them
  • Guarantee absolute safety or toxicity – this depends on many factors, such as size of bird, amount of food item eaten, incompatibilities with other types of food, environmental factors, specific health conditions or dietary needs of individual birds

If in any doubt, always consult with an avian nutritionist or avian veterinarian for advice.

Definitions of terms used:

  • “Yes” – Bird can eat this food without much harm generally
  • “Limited” – Generally safe, but might cause some health issues if fed in high quantities
  • “Depends” – Depends on the type of food item (or the way it is processed) – some may be safer than others
  • “No” – Usually creates issues and needs to be avoided

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