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Parrot Junkie aspires to be a one-stop portal where everyone can learn all about parrot care. We want to cut through all the ambiguous and misleading information found online and go directly to the real deal, so that you will not be confused!

To achieve this, we draw from a variety of sources. We believe that scientifically-backed information is important and essential, but also, anecdotal sharing cannot be ignored. We obtain our information wherever possible from reliable, high-authority websites on parrot care, veterinary resources, scientific journals, and tips from highly experienced parrot owners and handlers.

We aim to eventually achieve a solid network of experts and experienced contributors from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, from which we consult for facts, advice, and experience.

If you are interested in contributing your expertise and experience to Parrot Junkie, please write to us at contact@parrotjunkie.com.

Jeannine Miesle, M.A., M.Ed.

Jeannine Miesle is a Certified Avian Specialist based in the United States. She has rescued birds for over 17 years and has taken in over 50 birds during this period of time. She started specializing in Avian Bornaviral Ganglioneuritis ever since her cockatoo was diagnosed with it. Despite difficulties with the disease, Jeannine and her vet had managed to keep the cockatoo alive for five long years since the diagnosis! She kept a journal of the progress the bird has made and eventually wrote papers on the disease, and how to care for birds with the disease.

Jeannine grew interested in avian diseases, studied a lot about them, and wrote more papers which are published on reputable websites like Lafebervet.com, Academia.edu, and Beauty Of Birds. She is highly involved in the avian world and is a member of several veterinary groups.

Jeannine currently has 12 birds. Her bird of choice is the cockatiel, and she has rescued and rehabilitated several of them over the years.

Join Jeannine’s Facebook group, The Science Of Avian Health, to gain access to several informative files and discussions on parrot health!

Angelin Lim-Villalon, BSc. Biological Sciences

Angelin fell in love with the world of birds and aviculture in 2004. She was an intern in Jurong Bird Park (Singapore) and did her first project on psittacine feather destructive behavior. She received her Diploma in Biotechnology (Veterinary Science) from Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore in 2005 and BSc in Biological Sciences from Murdoch University in Australia in 2008.

For the next two years, she furthered her veterinary nursing skills as a nurse at a local veterinary clinic, assisting the veterinarians in surgical procedures and post-surgery care of the animal patients.

In 2010, Angelin became a full-time Junior Avian Management Officer in Jurong Bird Park, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, and was involved in the management and breeding key conservation species in the park, such as the Bali mynah, the black-winged starling and the Luzon bleeding-heart dove. Angelin has also helped establish a non-psittacine breeding facility in the park that focuses on breeding starlings, doves, pheasants and turacos.

In 2015, she was appointed as Assistant Curator at Jurong Bird Park, leading a team of avian keepers, taking care of exhibits across the park and its breeding facilities. At the same time, she also heads the avian Breeding and Research Centre, where many species were incubated, and hand raised. Her main specialization is in avian hand-rearing ranging from psittacines, passerines, columbiformes and galliformes.

Angelin is also a speaker/trainer at several local and overseas events where she mainly shared about avian care, husbandry and enrichment.

Other than aviculture, Angelin also enjoys aquatics and horticultural hobbies.

Mary J. Kimaiyo, BSc. Animal Science

Mary Kimaiyo is an animal scientist based in Kenya, with experience in avian food. While she has never kept a bird as a pet before, she has rescued several birds, rehabilitated them, and finally released them when they are strong enough.

Mary’s love for birds stems from childhood when she first rescued a blue jay while growing up on a farm in Kenya. Being an animal lover gives her more satisfaction than she could have anticipated, which is why she eventually went to pursue animal-related studies. She now works as a feed formulator.

Mary contributes to several articles in Parrot Junkie, especially those in the Food section.

Joanne Chong, Dip. Veterinary Clinical Science

Joanne is a parrot groomer and owner of Takara Pets, a pet grooming service and supplies company in Singapore. She has been a vegetarian ever since she was a baby.

Her love and respect for animals grew stronger as she grew up, and she decided to set up a pet accessories blogshop in 2007, when she was 15 years old. In 2009, she pursued a Pet Grooming course to further expand her services for animals. She had completed the Diploma (conversion) in Veterinary Clinical Science in Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2021 and Canine First Responder course in 2018.

Through her work, she has come across a whole variety of beak and nail conditions that had negatively impacted birds’ quality of life, and has successfully helped to improve their lives by correcting beak and nail issues. Throughout her career, she has worked with many species, from tiny hanging parrots all the way to huge hyacinth macaws. She and her team also visit schools and pet events to let kids explore a variety of parrot species and spread awareness on how to be a responsible pet owner.

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