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Whether you’re lost, confusedoverwhelmed, or curious about parrots, Parrot Junkie is a great place to start! We curate a wide variety of information about parrots and parrot care right here on the site.

Our goal is to provide you with information on parrot care that you‘ll find useful or enjoyable from our blog or list of articles, regardless of whether you’re new or experienced with parrots.

We share scientifically-backed information, information from reputable sources such as vets and avian experts, and our own personal anecdotes, so you can have as wholesome a learning experience as possible!

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About me

I first got into parrot-keeping in 2018. I had always been a dog person, and in 2018, I was in a situation where I was very determined to get a pet. Living with my mother at the time meant that I had to follow her house rules, and she did not want big animals running about the house. We agreed to get a small bird, thinking that they were low-maintenance pets. This is definitely a misconception! There are lots to learn and be aware of when it comes to these fantastic birds.

Certainly, my experience with parrots cannot be compared to that of seasoned parrot keepers, but I am able to say that I do read more about parrot care than the average parrot owner! Not only am I constantly gaining knowledge about these wonderful feathered creatures, I am also having a phenomenal experience living with them. This is why I have decided to share information and experiences on this website, hoping to help other fellow parrot owners along.

My Credentials

Apart from being a parrot owner myself, I also have a BSc. in Applied Chemistry and 12 years of work experience in the chemicals industry. I specialize in personal and home care products and their raw materials. I have worked in a laboratory for 9 years before moving to my most current marketing role in chemicals (for the past 3 years).

I have also worked for 3 years as a piano teacher in my younger days, and more recently, 4 years as an adjunct lecturer in a local polytechnic, teaching students specialized chemistry topics.

Having spent several years studying science, I have a good scientific foundation, with the ability to understand fairly complex concepts and scientific journals pertaining to parrots, even if I may not have had formal education in avian science before. Additionally, I have had many opportunities to teach subjects as diverse as music versus science, which trained my ability to explain things in ways that are easy for people to understand.

Hopefully one day, I will have an opportunity to further my studies to animal-related disciplines!

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